Al HADAF | for development and training
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Al Hadaf for development and training

is a cutting edge company specialized in providing customized solutions for excellence in the business field.


Working in a team that has a spirit makes normal people form exceptional powers and enormous efforts that get extraordinary works done, especially when these efforts are based on the unity of goal to construct society by adding up the power of the individuals and their creativity to their awareness of the importance of favoring the common interest over the personal one, these factors together enrich the community culture providing it with the supreme noble human values.

Who are we ?

From the very beginning of the cooperation we work with you to evaluate your training needs and help you to choose a suitable set or design a unique set of courses that meet your business needs and correlate with the international learning strategies. We have a team specialized in content development and training methods; our main goal is to develop the personal capabilities of staffs. As we are specialized in projects management and human skills development, we work as a team with our clients to deliver educational solutions that are easily translated into actions that have an impact in the workplace helping to achieve more than what is expected .

Our work

Our staff has more than 15 years of experience in the field of various developmental projects of many known international organizations at very difficult circumstances, starting from enabling and building the powers of strategic planning and the institutional organization which makes sure of our ability to provide consultation for international, local foundations, private sector and civil community organizations both international and local. So we work in the following fields:
Spreading out social responsibility among individuals, establishments, companies and institutions of civil society
Designing and managing the social responsibility projects for companies with the view of common values
Motivate and design special programs for youths (great bestowal & renewable energies)
Young adults
Designing enriching and pioneering courses for children and youth (the promising future of us)

Our vision

Supporting society by providing possible opportunities and encouraging all personnel of the society to become an important part in this change.

The culture of societies and their scale of awareness form a real reflection of the sophistication and civilization of nations through the course of history. That is showed in many aspects and cooperation is considered the most effective between them as it is the one of the highest human values as it makes various people gather and unify toward a common goal so they form exceptional powers that pump new blood in the veins of society which ensures its growth and the continuous building toward the right direction whatever the future carries for it. The most important part is that supporting and developing society are the responsibilities of its people who form the perfect warranty for its safety.

In this manner it is very important to make them able to sharpen their capabilities and develop their skills with both theoretical and practical concepts that enrich their experiences and drive them to the concepts of true citizenship and belonging so they later materialize their experiences into realities which enable them to make the difference in the various aspects of life.

our partners


“Be the change you want to see in the world”